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Post  Luthren on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:22 pm


1. Please keep all OOC posts for the OOC board. Don't clog up the RP boards with OOC posts, or I'll come after you. And I don't play nicely.

2. Please be courteous. No serious harassment of people or characters. It's okay to be abusive in roleplay, but don't be a bitch/dick outside of RP as well. Or I'll kick you off.

3. This board has several types of RP.
Literate RP, which will be for the MAIN story behind the board. All things that involve the main plot of the site will take place in here. This board will have it's own set of rules.
Script RP, which will be for lesser plots and lazy ass RPers who don't like to type. All things that are sidestories or anything NOT typed out in paragraph format goes here.
One on One RP, where only TWO PEOPLE RP together. There MAY be more than two RPers per subject, but this is a more private and user-controlled board.

4. When registering your account, make your account name that of the character you are using. Please no fancy symbols or anything added onto it. Just the name. For example: Luthren, not LuTHren*~. Just Luthren is fine. I assure you we'll know who you are. And if by happens, your name is taken, add a last name onto it.

5. You may have more than one character. This is allowed and actually suggested.

6. Demons only. This board is not for humans. It is strictly taking place in the Anima world, and no humans, vampires, unicorns, or other prancy-ass shitfaced creatures can go here. JUST the demons.

7. Please, do try to have fun.

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